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Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw menurut primbon jawa : Menurut primbon jawa, arti mimpi Sepak Takraw ini artinya ada perasaan rindu dengan keluarga anda di rumah, mimpi ini juga bisa dialamatkan jika anda dinantikan kepulangannya oleh keluarga anda

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Menurut Islam :  artinya bisa diartikan sebagai pertanda akan datangnya kebahagiaan untuk Anda dan keluarga Anda di kampung.

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Menurut Hindu : artinya akan mendapatkan rejeki yang melimpah ruah

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Menurut erek-erek mimpi: artinya ada yang menginginkan anda untuk segera pulang ke rumah, mimpi ini juga bisa dikaitkan jika anda akan segera menikah jika anda belum memiliki pasangan suami atau istri.

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Dalam 

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Dalam 2D: 45 – 98

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Dalam 3D: 787 – 769

Tafsir Mimpi Sepak Takraw Dalam 4D: 5644 – 3467

Nightmares usually appear late at night or before dawn, where we are sleeping soundly. Nightmares are often associated with traumatic experiences and generally occur when under stress. Usually people who have nightmares, it becomes difficult to sleep well again and as a result their activities in the morning become disturbed.

If we talk about dreams, do you know that the Indonesian people in this digital era still strongly believe in what is called dream interpretation. It’s not wrong indeed. Because the dream experienced by a person when he sleeps is said to be a hidden message that will indeed happen in the real world.

If we look at it from a religious point of view, what is meant by the interpretation of dreams in Arabic is Rohayan or if interpreted in translation, it means a soul that floats to and fro without a definite purpose, or a soul that escapes from its body when a person sleeps, but the soul can return to the body, then if the soul does not return, that is called Pati or better known as death.

But according to the theory of dreams according to psychology. The author of “Cracking The Dream Code” Lauri Loewenberg Quinn, states that dreams provide a sign of a troubled mind.

According to Quinn, there are 5 kinds of dreams that people often experience, namely dreams of a house, a speeding car, dreams of drowning, dreams of falling, and dreams of bleeding. The meaning of the dream is related to the problems faced, such as dreams of falling, this dream signifies that someone is on the verge of depression and those who experience it must immediately find a solution so that the dream does not continue to repeat itself.

Meanwhile, according to the theory of dreams in mystical studies, it is stated that dreams have very broad and varied meanings. Old people or elders associate dreams with omens in the future. As an example,

Dreams of missing teeth, according to mystical studies, the meaning of these dreams is related to warnings about the death of the closest person in the family or relatives.

While the dream of being bitten by a snake, the meaning of this dream is related to the arrival of a proposal for a girl. The dream of having a baby is interpreted as the acquisition of sustenance in the future. And many more types of dreams that in each region can have the same or different meanings.

Believe it or not, there are many stories out there that are proven to be true and actually happened in the real world, or maybe you have experienced it yourself, the dream of Sepak Takraw for example.

According to legends and beliefs of the Indonesian people, if someone has dreamed about the dream of Sepak Takraw, it will be associated with wealth or easy to find fortune and is often associated with bringing good luck.

However, it also turns out that Sepak Takraw dreams are often associated with nightmares or dreams that bring bad luck to those who experience them. So, because of this ancestral belief factor, many Indonesian people, especially Javanese people, still really believe in what is called Dream Interpretation.

On the other hand, it turns out that this Sepak Takraw dream can also bring its own luck to those who experience it, namely by combining the Sepak Takraw dream with the lottery

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